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Twogether Consulting has served as consultants to both HCS, TXHML, &  ICF providers statewide, assisting them in areas of personnel training, quality assurance, survey and audit preparation and recovery, level of need increases, development of policies and procedures, plans of correction, billing errors and omissions. We also hold classes statewide for nurses, care coordinators, QIDP’s, program administrators, quality assurance staff, as well as “on-site only” classes for direct care.

With combined experience of more than 50 years serving individuals with developmental disabilities in both the public and private sectors, Twogether Consulting is here to help you as HCS, ICF/IID and TXHML providers build a more successful business while improving your quality of service delivery to the individuals in your program.


Julie Andrews Blacklock  (Owner/IDD Consultant)


Important Information about Available “Trainings” can also be viewed on “Trainings” page/tab.  Please click on this tab at the top of this home page.  

New postings will be available for August-October 2017 classes and/or webinars.   

Current Classes include: Using Person Centered Thinking To Develop The IP (Implementation Plan), Changes in the HCS Progam, Quality Assurance,  Survey & Audit Prep in The HCS Program- Update, Changes in The Survey Process In HCS, Changes in The Billing Audit Process in HCS, Nursing  in HCS & ICF Programs, Changes To the ICF Surveyor’s Guide-Appendix J- “How It Affects Your Program”, Common Nursing Errors In The HCS (ICF also) Program & Corrective Action Planning-Classes & Webinars, DIT Trainings-A/N/E, Expectations of The Nurse From The Direct Support Staff, and much more

See our link below to sign up for our joint training session in conjunction with HHSC and Hill Country (LIDDA) in 1 of 4 locations with a choice of 6 sessions.  (Starting with first session August 23rd, 2017, the will be held in the following locations: 1 in Victoria, 1 in Lytle, 1 in San Marcos/ New Braunsfels area, 2 sessions in San Antonio, and lastly 1 in Kerrville)  The sessions will be posted on the website as soon as August 2nd, but feel free to register now via Hill Country.  Please review the link attached below: 

PCP-IP Flyer-3


nurse-medicalWe will also have a variety of other Nursing classes

Ex:   Co-Occurring Diagnoses on IDD Population, Jurisprudence, Ethics, and The Need For Nursing Peer Review Process In IDD Waiver Services, etc…


changes-1Webinars Coming:  Community First Choice in HCS vs Starplus, “How Does Children’s Starplus Medicaid Services affect their IDD Waiver Services?”, HCS New Provider-Part I & II, Changes To The Day Hab Services in Various IDD Waiver Services, New Provider Training, OFH, CFC & Respite-“What Are My Responsibilities As A Nurse”, “Expectations of the Direct Care Staff From The Nurse”, “How To Have A Successful Survey” -for DCS staff, “Abuse, Neglect, & Exploitation Reporting and Facility Follow-up” (for ICF, HCS, TXHML, CDS, CFC both Admin staff and DCS),  &  many others.

We have also decided to start offering a variety of trainings for direct care via webinar, some with tests and we can provide inservice signature sheets &/or certificates based on your request.  

New[1]If you are a new provider or even a current provider and you need assistance with development of marketing material for your website and/or assistance with development of a company brochure, please feel free to contact us.  We often help both new and current providers with putting their websites and brochures together.  In this day and age marketing is key to ensuring consumers/individuals and their families along with others looking for IDD services and resources, understand what you and your company are about and any areas that you may specialize in, so feel free to contact us for assistance.

Twogether Consulting has recently begun assisting ICF providers with DIT’s (Directed Inservice Trainings) which often must be provided by an outside qualified entity ( that’s us!) that is sometimes mandated by DADS after an IJ (Immediate Jeopardy)  Immediate Jeopardy is based on serious concerns for the individual’s health, safety, and/or welfare ) or the DIT may also be due to the follow up investigation  by DADS (now HHSC-Health & Human Services Commission) due to A/N/E (Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation) allegations.  Please contact us if you are in need ASAP!  We continue to help HCS, TXHML, and ICF providers with Corrective Action Plans/Plans of Correction as well as Development of Policy & Procedure.

Do you need DUA/SPI policies and procedures for your facility?  Please contact us right away.  Recently we have also added a new IT consultant to the agency (Greg Mahaley), to work with the rest of our team on developing this specific protocols for your facility.   Greg is able to assist our providers with recommendations  for their own individualized protocols for Security and Privacy of Public Health Information (PHI) that might be stored, maintained, transmitted via email, fax, cloud based programs and services, etc…  Greg is available off-site and he is able to travel to you as well.

choice[1]“What do I do next?”  If you would like to become an HCS or TxHmL provider and need help with the application process, studying for taking provider test when application is approved, developing policies and procedures for new HCS, TXHML, or newly acquired ICF company, or if you need help with marketing your program, and “start-up”, please contact us!


For more information about “resources” for providers and families:

 Please click on our “resource” page tab at the top of this page.
We had a great turnout for Dr. Michelle Garcia & Associates Conference on July 13th 2017 at “The Center” downtown in Houston, TX.  Flyer located below:  I had a wonderful time presenting “Changes In The Survey and Billing Audit Process-2017”.  Thanks for all of your positive feedback and questions.  
Also check out her new sex education curriculum available for purchase at:
New-Sign--Arvin61r58[1]See Twogether Consulting Services Available on our Flyer below:

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Julie Andrews Blacklock  (Owner/IDD Consultant)