(WEBINAR) TaskMaster Pro-“Utilization of Nursing Components of the Program” Part I

November 27, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
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Meghan Jones

WEBINAR  Taskmaster Pro-“Utilization of Nursing Components of the Program-Part II-”  For ICF/HCS/TXHmL Providers

Presented By Twogether Consulting

Date:  11/27/17
Time:  12 Noon-2:30 pm
Cost:  $40

You must be a   Current TMP user to attend webinar!   This is not a Demo.

For:  Program Directors, Supervising Staff, Case Coordinators/Managers, QIDP’s, Nurses, & Human Resource Staff 
Webinar will be via “Go To Webinar” 
Instructions  for the webinar will be sent to your email, after payment is made online.


TaskMaster Pro- “Utilization Of Nursing Components Of The Program” Part I


Only For Providers Currently Using Taskmaster Pro.

For Program Directors, Supervising Staff, Case Coordinators/Managers, QIDP’s, Nurses, etc…

Instructions for webinar and handouts will be sent by email prior to session.

Twogether Consulting is going to continue review the following topics and more during this webinar-

Discussion concerning RN Delegatations, HH/CC Exemptions, and SB 1857, as well as other trainings/inservices, from 

Changes to the Comprehensive Nursing Assessment (CNA)

Changes to the Nursing IP/Care Plan Objectives & Strategies and how those integrate into the Main IP and the CNA!  Taskmaster Pro has made it even easier to track Service Delivery Logs, Training & Service Objectives from your care plan and health status review, Targeted Observations-which are often Nursing Service Plan/Care Plan/Implementation Plan objectives for staff or other nurses to carry out, etc….. for each consumer/individual in your program.
More on the Client Daily Schedule and scheduling appts as well as entering results from the appts. for those of you who may not be familiar with it and how it can help you to be more effective in your nursing care planning.

IBAM: Utilizing this Incident/Behavior/Accident/Medical report in the prevention of “serious citations” and sometimes allegations of A/N/E, as well using for the purpose of monitoring for trends, so we can develop training and corrective action planning to prevent future problems

Lastly we will using the Nursing Review section to do focused and annual nursing reports- LVN and/or RN

You must contact Meghan Jones at: meghanjones.tx@gmail.com to register and for any additional information or you may contact her by phone at: (361) 649-5104 ***If you are not a current user, but would like a demo to see if you are interested in purchasing Taskmaster Pro “cloud-based” services, please contact Julie Blacklock.